Powering Radionics Software With Home Made Orgonite

Powering Radionics Software With Home Made Orgonite


Powering Radionics Software With Orgonite

We discovered in the group that even a picture of orgonite will power radionic software. image to power radionic software any picture of orgonite will do it the energy signature of the object or any image that you feel will fuel the program a reiki symbol or a car jet plane is the driving force of desire say want to improve a communication try a phone or a satellite picture to power it.  The only limit is your imagination.

by Steven Beichner

Home made Orgonite cone with amethyst tip

Home made Orgonite cone.

Thanks, Steven this is great news for those who don’t have a chi generator yet but would still like to get faster results from their software.

The homemade cone in the picture above was made in an old plastic funnel with brass and steel shavings from a lathe, containing quartz points with an amethyst tip.



3 thoughts on “Powering Radionics Software With Home Made Orgonite”

  1. I think also of protecting the witness by surrounding the person with some orgonite devices such as simple towerbusters, that can be done with photoshop or even mspaint.

    Also I think and I hope that putting a pic of an orgonite device such as a towerbuster on the trend part can be energizing the witness.

  2. If I do this with a picture do I need the orgonite in the witness or trend part of the program?

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