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Getting Started With Mini Manifestor 4.2 & 4.3 Radionics Software

Witness Name: Enter your name or the name of the person your are doing
the session for.

Load Witness: Find a picture of yourself or the person your are doing the
session for, to load as the Witness Image.

Witness Color: Select the corresponding color for the witness.
Correspondences can be found in the list below.

Trend / Remedy Description: Enter your intent / remedy name or what you want to manifest.

Load Trend: Find a picture that will represent your remedy / what you want to manifest or
your intent.

Trend Color: Select the corresponding color for the trend.Correspondences
can be found in the list below.

To Set the Witness Rate: Position the mouse over Target picture, and
press the mouse button down. While holding the mouse button down, sit
quietly for a few moments and get a clear image of yourself, in your minds
eye. Then when you feel you cant get the image any clearer, release the
mouse button. Your Target rate is now set.

To Set the Trend Rate: Position the mouse over Trend picture, and press the
mouse button down. While holding the mouse button down, sit quietly for a
few moments and get a clear image of what you want, in your minds eye.
Then when you feel you cant get the image any clearer, release the mouse
button. Your trend rate is now set.

Frequency: (Optional) Click Tone On/Off to boost radionic output.

Start: Press the “Start” Button to begin your session.

Important Tips:
Tip 1: The keys to a powerful and successful radionics is to have a crystal
clear intent (what you want to happen), but don’t just think “I want xyz to
happen” you really need to have a clear picture in your minds eye, and have
the emotional feeling in your heart, as if its already happened.
Tip 2: Do not use words of negate in your manifesting sessions, and do not
express the lack of something you a trying to manifest.


Color Correspondences

Black: Ward negativity, Remove hexes, Protection, Spirit contact, The Universe,
Truth, Remove confusion.
Blue (dark): Water, Truth, Dreams, Protection, Change, Meditation, Impulse.
Blue (light): Psychic awareness, Intuition, Opportunity, Understanding, Safe
journey, Patience, Tranquility, Ward depression.
Blue (any): Health
Brown: Earth, Endurance, Animal health, Steadiness, Houses, Physical objects,
Gold: Power, Physical Strength, Success, Achievement, Mental growth, Healing
energy, Intuition, Divination, Fortune.
Gray: Cancellation, Hesitation, Neutrality.
Green: Earth, Luck, Fertility, Healing, Balance, Employment, Prosperity,
Courage, Agriculture, Growth.
Green-yellow: To remove discord, Sickness, Anger, Jealousy.
Indigo: Meditation, Spirit Communication.
Lavender: Spiritual development, Psychic growth, Divination, Blessings.
Orange: Strength, Healing, Pulling things to you, Luck, Vitality, Encouragement,
Clearing the Mind, Dominance.
Pink: Honour, Mortality, Friendship, Emotional Love, Compassion and
Purple: Power, Spiritual development, Intuition, Ambition, Healing, Progress,
Business, Spiritual Communication, Protection, Occult Wisdom, Meditation.
Red: Fire, Strength, Power, Energy, Health, Vigor, Enthusiasm, Courage,
Passion, Sexuality, Protection.
Silver: Psychic development, Success, Balance, Wards negativity.
Violet: Self-improvement, Intuition, Success in Searches.
White: Purity, Protection, Truth, Peace, Justice.
Yellow: Clairvoyance, Mental Alertness, Intellectual growth, Prosperity, Learning,
Changes, Harmony, Creativity, Travel



If you need help with any of our radionics software, you can ether

1: E-mil us directly at


2: Post your problem on this site, ether way it will be seen.

With all communications we will respond the same day, we normally aim for within 2-4 hours.

How to use CyberWitch SpellCaster 2.0 video



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  1. I tried purchasing radionics manifestor pro but I couldn’t complete the transaction due to paypal restrictions in my country… Do you have an alternative payment mode… I really need this software… I tried out the free mini version alongside other radionics software and I’m beginning to see result… Please help if you can

  2. Give me a few moments and i will see what I can do.
    I will email you shortly.

  3. I have just sent you details via email

  4. When I first came across your Radionics Software I did not have a clue nor understood enough about it. But within a short space of a week or so I feel like I have learnt a lot already with the software including all the information you have sent to me. I have started to feel a difference in many areas already. Thanks Kieron!! 🙂

  5. You are very welcome 🙂

  6. Do any of these manifestation type software work on a Mac?

  7. Yes apparently it works in the Mac pc emulator

  8. Dear Sir,
    I am very impressed by your products,I already downloaded mini manifestor 3 a few days ago, I had no success yet but maybe I did not had it running long enough,nevertheless I decided to buy one of your software I like manifestor pro and cyber witch but I cannot make up my mind which one I should buy,I need the software mainly for material,health purpose,please help!
    Price is the same so does not matter which one.
    Thank you

  9. Dear Petra
    I would suggest CyberWitch SpellCaster 2.2 to be best for you as it has just had some major updates, and it has the new Rate Balance feature that radionics manifestor pro has not. The balance rate is a way to balance or correct a condition, say you were being affected by something negative, you could balance/neutralize it by setting the rate of it, and then click the balance button under the corresponding trend or the witness to set the balance rate.
    Kindest regards

  10. Wonderful blog you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics talked about here?
    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get
    advice from other experienced individuals that share the same interest.

    If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

  11. Thank you, but sorry I don’t..

  12. I reаlly like what you guys tend to be up too.

    Such clever work and coverage! Keep up the amazing works guyѕ
    I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.

  13. does it comes with full written instructions for use?
    trying to learn the free edition before i buy the big one but im getting hard times…

  14. Yes it does

  15. Those is work with sigils?

  16. Yes it does work with sigils

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