The Best Radionic Software 2023 & Pro Radionic Machines

The Best Radionic Software 2023 & Pro Radionic Machines

The Best Radionic Software 2023 & Radionic Machines

The radionic software & pro radionic machines website!

Our website is designed to provide information about radionics, how our Radionic analyzers work, orgone energy and the benefits of using radionic software, radionics machines and orgone generators, and how our products can be used to support your health and wellness journey. We also offer a range of radionic analyzers, radionic machines, Orgone generators and the best radionics software.

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Here are a few tips that improve one’s chances of manifesting  their desired outcomes:

    1. Clarity: Clearly defining and understanding what you want to manifest is crucial to being able to focus your thoughts and energy on it.
    2. Positive thinking: Cultivating a positive attitude and focusing on the desired outcome, rather than the obstacles, can help increase the likelihood of manifestation.
    3. Consistency: Regularly visualizing, meditating, or affirmations to your desire can help maintain focus and increase the chances of manifestation.
    4. Action: Manifestation requires taking action to make your desire a reality. Without action, visualization and positive thinking alone may not be enough.
    5. Gratitude: Being thankful for what you already have, and for what you’re about to receive, can help you to manifest more easily.
    6. Patience: Manifestation takes time. It’s important to be patient and trust the process.
    7. Flexibility: Being open to different ways your desire may manifest and being adaptable to change can help increase the chances of manifestation.
    8. Belief: Believing that your desired outcome is possible and that you can achieve it is crucial to the manifestation process. Without belief, it can be difficult to maintain focus and take the necessary actions to bring your desire to fruition.
    9. Minimizing doubt: Doubt and uncertainty can wreck the manifestation process. It is very important to acknowledge and address any doubts or fears that may arise and to work on building belief and confidence in your ability and your tools to manifest your desired outcome.

Radionics Machines, Radionic Analyzers & Best Radionic Software 2023

Radionics is an essential tool when it comes to the field of manifesting but it can also be used as a form of alternative medicine that uses subtle energy fields to diagnose and treat physical and emotional conditions.

Our radionic analyzers are specialized tools that can detect and analyze these energy fields, providing valuable insights into a person’s health and well-being. Radionics and radionics software can also manifest desired outcomes and experiences through the power of thought and intention.

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All our radionic analysis and radionic machines have powerful internal orgone generators that generate Orgone energy, also known as chi, prana, or life force energy, which is believed to be a universal life-sustaining force that exists in all living things. Orgone generators are devices that are said to harness and amplify this energy, with the goal of promoting health, harmony, and balance in the environment and in the individuals who use them.


Reference Glossary For Terms Used In Radionic Analysis:

A FREE Pdf version of this glossary is available to Download at the end of this section.

radionic analysis glossary Copyright© 2022 -2023 All rights reserved

Applicable to the best radionic software 2023 & radionic machines:
Radionic Witness: A radionic witness is a sample of a person or object that is used in the practice of radionics, a method of diagnosing and treating illness or other conditions remotely. The witness is typically a small sample of the person’s hair, blood, or some other bodily fluid, or it may be an object that the person has handled. The witness is then placed on the witness plate on a radionic instrument, and the practitioner uses the instrument to analyze the witness.
Radionic Trend: A radionic trend is a term used to describe the intended change (wish) in the vibrational frequency or “energy signature” of a person, object or situation they wish to change.
Radionic Rate: A radionic rate is a numerical value assigned to a person, object, or substance, based on its vibrational frequency or “energy signature.”
Stick Pad: The stick pad on a radionics machine is used to test for the correct setting of a rate dial, it can also be used to douse for yes or no answers.
Rate Dial: A rate dial is a numbered dial that is used to set one digit of a usually longer rate on a radionic device.
Radionic Analysis: 
Radionic Manifesting: Radionic manifesting is a type of spiritual or metaphysical practice that involves using radionic machines or techniques to manifest or create specific outcomes or realities. It is based on the fundamental principle in physics that everything is made up of energy, and thus that by manipulating this energy, it is possible to influence physical reality and bring about desired results.

There are many different approaches to radionic manifesting, and the specific techniques and tools used can vary widely. Some practitioners use specialized radionic instruments, such as radionic machines or pendulums, to help them focus and direct their energy towards their desired outcomes. Others may use visualization, affirmations, or other forms of mental and emotional focus to manifest their goals.

Radionic manifesting can be used for a wide range of purposes, including attracting abundance, improving health, creating successful relationships, and achieving personal goals.

7.83hz Schumann Resonance: The frequency of 7.83 Hz is often associated with the Earth’s Schumann resonance, which is a natural electromagnetic resonance frequency that occurs within the Earth’s atmosphere. It is believed the Schumann resonance has various health and wellness benefits and that exposure to this frequency can help to improve sleep, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being. However, the potential health effects of the Schumann resonance are still not completely understood.
Circadian Rhythms: Circadian rhythms are daily rhythms that influence a wide range of physiological and behavioural processes in the body, including sleep-wake cycles, hormone production, and metabolism. These rhythms are regulated by the body’s internal “clock” and are largely influenced by environmental factors, such as light and temperature.
7.83hz &Circadian Rhythms: The frequency of 7.83 Hz or the Schumann resonance seems to interact with or influence the body’s natural circadian rhythms. Although more research is still needed to understand the full potential of the effects of the Schumann resonance on human health and well-being.
Radionic Dowsing: Radionic dowsing is a practice that involves using dowsing tools, such as a pendulum or a pair of dowsing rods, to detect and manipulate energy fields in order to diagnose and treat physical or psychological conditions. The theory behind radionic dowsing is that every living organism has a unique energy field or aura, and that this energy field can be affected by external factors such as emotions, thoughts, and physical substances. Practitioners of radionic dowsing believe that they can use dowsing tools to identify imbalances in an individual’s energy field and then use these tools to correct these imbalances, either by directly manipulating the energy field or by using specific substances or frequencies to restore balance.
Radionic Regent: A “radionic regent” is a substance or device used in radionics for the purpose of testing or balancing the energy fields of the body. These regents may include substances such as water or crystals, or devices such as dowsing rods or specialized instruments.
Balancing: We know a “radionic rate” is a numerical value assigned to a substance or condition or situation, Radionic rate balancing, involves adjusting or correcting the radionic rates of substances or conditions in order to balance the energy fields of the “body”. This can be achieved on all our radionic machines and radionic software 2023.

A biophoton is a low-energy photon (a particle of light) emitted by living organisms. The term was coined in the 1930s by the German scientist Alexander Gurwitsch, who proposed that biophotons were involved in the regulation of biological processes such as cell division and growth.

There is some scientific evidence to suggest that biophotons may be produced by living cells as a byproduct of metabolic processes. However, the exact role and function of biophotons in living organisms is not fully understood, and the concept of biophotons is still a topic of scientific investigation.

Homeopathy Reference
How Are Homeopathic Remedies Traditionally Made?
Homeopathic remedies are made using a process called potentization, which involves diluting a substance and then succussing (shaking) it in order to increase its potency. This process is believed to activate the healing properties of the substance and make it more effective in treating a variety of ailments.

The process of making a homeopathic remedy begins with the selection of a substance, which can be a plant, mineral, or animal product. This substance is then diluted in a solution, typically water or alcohol, and shaken vigorously. The dilution and shaking process is repeated multiple times, with each successive dilution being stronger than the previous one. This process is known as serial dilution.

The potency of a homeopathic remedy is indicated by a number followed by a letter “C” or “X.” For example, a remedy that is labelled as “30C” has been diluted 30 times, with each dilution being a 1:100 dilution. A remedy labelled as “200X” has been diluted 200 times, with each dilution being a 1:10 dilution. The higher the number, the stronger the potency of the remedy.

Homeopathic Remedy Dilutions

There are a variety of homeopathic remedy dilutions that are used in the preparation of homeopathic remedies.

The most commonly used dilutions are:
      1. 6C: This dilution involves a 1:100 dilution that is repeated 6 times.
      2. 12C: This dilution involves a 1:100 dilution that is repeated 12 times.
      3. 30C: This dilution involves a 1:100 dilution that is repeated 30 times.
      4. 200C: This dilution involves a 1:100 dilution that is repeated 200 times.
      5. 1X: This dilution involves a 1:10 dilution that is repeated once.
      6. 3X: This dilution involves a 1:10 dilution that is repeated 3 times.
      7. 6X: This dilution involves a 1:10 dilution that is repeated 6 times.
      8. 12X: This dilution involves a 1:10 dilution that is repeated 12 times.
      9. 30X: This dilution involves a 1:10 dilution that is repeated 30 times.
      10. 200X:  This dilution involves a 1:10 dilution that is repeated 200 times.

The potency of a homeopathic remedy is indicated by a number followed by a letter “C” or “X.” The higher the number, the stronger the potency of the remedy.

How Are Remedies Administered?
Homeopathic remedies are typically taken orally, in the form of small pills or drops. They are usually dissolved under the tongue or taken with a small amount of water. 

Some people may also use homeopathic creams, ointments, or other topical products for external use. These products are typically applied to the skin and are used to treat a variety of skin conditions or injuries. They can also be administered at a distance using your best radionic software 2023 or radionics machine.

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The best radionic software 2023 & radionics machines available.


Disclaimer: Radionics software & radionic machine on this page and site are not medical devices and are for experimentation only, absolutely no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill, unwell, or need medical attention please see a doctor or healthcare professional. No claims regarding making money or wealth creation are guaranteed as every user’s result will be different.

Warranty: We will repair or replace your radionics machine free of charge, but you the customer are responsible for all shipping costs both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement.

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