Top Secret Radionics Machine - How Do I Use Them?

Top Secret Radionics Machine – How Do I Use Them?

Top Secret Radionics Machine – How Do I Use Them?

Top Secret Radionics Machines are used by people all over the world for various purposes. They’re also known as “radionic” machines because they were invented in the 1920s by Dr. William Tiller.

How They Work
These devices work by using electromagnetic energy to manipulate matter. This includes changing the molecular structure of all substances. It’s believed that these changes can affect the human body at a cellular level, as well as all other forms of life on the planet.

Radionic machines use quantum entanglement to transmit information from one place to another. This technology has been around since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until much later, researchers began experimenting with its effects on living organisms.

One such experiment involved exposing mice to high levels of orgone. Afterward, the animals were found to be much healthier than normal mice. Scientists theorized that the reason for this was because the mice had absorbed some of the orgone into their cells.

A top secret Radionics machine works by using electromagnetic energy to manipulate the molecular structure of materials. For example, if you want to turn lead into gold, you would use a radionic machine to send a beam of energy into the metal. As the energy passes through the material, it changes the molecules inside the metal. Once the molecules are changed, the metal becomes gold.

 top secret radionics machine

How to Use Them
There are many uses for these devices. One is to use them for homeopathic remedies. Another is to use them for manifesting and the law of attraction 

Some say radionic machines can be used to treat various ailments, from arthritis to cancer. Some machines emit low-frequency sound waves that are said to help heal the body. Others generate Orgone energy and some people find that using radionic machines helps them relax and sleep better. Others find that the machines help them lose weight. Still, others say that they help them improve their memory and concentration.
The most popular uses include use of the Orgone generator type to manifest things, Improve relationships and help find love.


Where to Buy Them
If you’re interested in using one of these devices, you will have to buy one online, hopefully from our website ;-). This is because there are still known as fringe science and even after 100 years still not common knowledge.

Why would you use one?
Sometimes referred to as a top secret radionics machine, they can is used to help people develop psychic abilities. It can allow you to tap into the power of the subconscious mind.

Radionics is sometimes referred to as a form of alternative medicine that uses sound waves to heal. The idea behind these types of radionics machines is that certain frequencies of sound will cause vibrations in the body, which will then affect our health for the better. Sound can be a powerful thing, have you ever seen a professional singer shatter a glass with nothing more than their voice? It’s proven common knowledge that plants grow better when subjected to the right sound waves. Imagene how effective this could be to your health!

Some devices (all of ours) can be used to create and or copy homeopathic remedies, saving the owner hundreds to thousands over their lifetime!


There are several ways to use a radionic machine. One is to use it as an aid for meditation training. Another, and one of the most popular is to use the machine for manifesting and the manipulation of life events. Yet another is to use them for remote and alternative health remedies.


top secret radionics machine


Disclaimer: This is not a medical device, if you are unwell please see a doctor or health care professional, no claims are made to treat, cure or remedy any illness with any device or software on this site.




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