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Top Secret Radionics Machine – How Do I Use Them?

Top Secret Radionics Machine – How Do I Use Them? Top Secret Radionics Machines are used by people all over the world for various purposes. They’re also known as “radionic” machines because they were invented in the 1920s by Dr. William Tiller. How They Work These devices work by using electromagnetic energy to manipulate matter. […]

Psychotronic Generator Radionic Machine For Sale

Psychotronic Generator And Powerful Radionic Machine For Sale   The 9100 Pro The Professionals Choice This Psychotronic Generator is the perfect choice for remote influencing and achieving alternate states of conciseness on demand, with its pre-set brain frequencies. The Gene 9100 Pro also uses our Advanced Heavy Duty Genie Orgone Generator which makes this an unbeatable manifesting […]

Radionic Machine & Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro Orgone

The Genie 9000 Pro Radionic Machine With Orgone Generator   Radionic machine 9000 Pro manifesting machine is a powerful professional manifesting device Ideal for all types of manifesting, remedy making, and duplication of existing or homemade herbal or homeopathic remedies. Expandable via rear expansion sockets & Vortex Ring Compatible.   The Genie 9000 HD Pro […]

Casting Spells For Love The Easy Way

Casting Spells For Love The Easy Way A few weeks ago a customer contacted me asking for help with casting a spell for love, and a few other things. Below is some of my reply to him, I only sharing what I wrote as it may be useful to other. Customers’ names and details are always kept confidential. […]