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Genie Vortex Ring Orgone Energy Generator

Genie Vortex Ring Orgone Energy Generator

Vortex Orgone Generator, Orgone Energy Generator


Orgone generators, also known as “Life Energy Generators” can be used for a variety of purposes, such as improving physical and emotional well-being, increasing energy levels, and promoting healing.

An Orgone Generator and plane old Orgonite like you would find on ebay and also on many other websites, operate in totally different ways”Orgonite”, also known as an accumulator device, is a type of device that is wrongly said to generate orgone, which is a form of energy that was first found by Wilhelm Reich in the 1930s.

According to Reich, orgone is present in all living things and in the atmosphere and can be collected and concentrated using special devices such as accumulators or in the present-day Orgonite. These devices typically consist of a combination of materials such as metal shavings, crystals, and resin, and are said to be able to convert negative energy into positive energy, to balance a specific area and improve physical and emotional well-being.

Orgonite is able to convert negative into positive energy. It is typically made of a combination of materials such as metal shavings, crystals, and resin, and is said to be based on the principles of orgone, which was developed by Wilhelm Reich.

A true Orgone Generator like what is in all our radionics machines and also the Vortex Generator Ring DOES actually generate Orgone when it is actively powered by one of our Pro range of Genie radionics machines. 

The Vortex Generator Is over 6X more powerful than the Genie 9100 Pro and provides enough orgone energy for many radionic operations or manifesting sessions to be active at once.

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Genie 3000 Pro 2023 Edition






Disclaimer: Our Orgone Generators, radionics machines, products & software are not medical devices and are for experimentation only, and absolutely no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill, unwell, or need medical attention please see a qualified doctor or healthcare professional.

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