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Law of Attraction Words To Use, 3 Million Reasons

The Law of Attraction Words To Use & 3 Million Reasons

The law of attraction and our observations. Most people have heard of the law of attraction or seen The Secret movie, a lot of you have probably tried it, and let me guess it didn’t work for you. In fact, a massive 95% of people didn’t have any success with it at all.

I have studied the law of attraction for quite some years and have been lucky enough to witness someone actually make well over £3,000,000 at the time of writing, it didn’t happen overnight, it actually took just over 10 years. He started long before the secret movie came out, and the funny thing was he didn’t even know about or realize he was using the law of attraction.

He is a very down-to-earth person and not into this sort of stuff at all, a couple of years ago we were talking, and I mentioned the law of attraction to him. I really wish I hadn’t, his reaction was “so you are telling me that just by thinking, money will appear in my bank account!”. Knowing I wouldn’t get much further, I changed the subject and that was that. Even though he was using it every day he was totally oblivious to it.

Don’t get me wrong he works hard, really hard, and yes before you say it, so do countless other people, and a lot of them are struggling to even pay their rent.

You see, that’s the thing, your thoughts are just as important as the amount of work you do, if not more so. They are both sides of the same coin, when I first met the gentleman mentioned above, I thought he was absolutely bonkers doing the things he did. Over ten years later, and knowing what I know now, all those things have slotted together like some crazy jigsaw puzzle, and I can now see why he was doing the things he did.

So when someone next sneers at you “That law of attraction rubbish is a con, and a complete waste of time“, remember what you have read here today, and take a moment to have a long hard look at how your life has panned out. Has it gone to plan?

Just think how much quicker those millions would have come if he had used radionics software and had the knowledge you will soon have!

55 Law Of Attraction Words To Use

      1. Abundance
      2. Affirmation
      3. Alignment
      4. Attract
      5. Believe
      6. Blessing
      7. Clarity
      8. Connection
      9. Creativity
      10. Deserving
      11. Empowerment
      12. Gratitude
      13. Harmony
      14. Healing
      15. Intention
      16. Joy
      17. Manifestation
      18. Miracles
      19. Optimism
      20. Positivity
      21. Purpose
      22. Receiving
      23. Self-love
      24. Surrender
      25. Visualization
      26. Abundant Universe
      27. Allow
      28. Appreciation
      29. Authenticity
      30. Bliss
      31. Change
      32. Clarity of Mind
      33. Compassion
      34. Consciousness
      35. Connection to Source
      36. Courage
      37. Creative Energy
      38. Divine Timing
      39. Dreams
      40. Enthusiasm
      41. Expansion
      42. Faith
      43. Flow
      44. Freedom
      45. Fulfilment
      46. Generosity
      47. Graciousness
      48. Growth
      49. Harmony with Others
      50. Health and Vitality
      51. Higher Purpose
      52. Inner Peace
      53. Inspired Action
      54. Joyful Expectation
      55. Law of Attraction

These words can be used in your affirmations, visualizations, meditations, and daily thoughts to help you align your energy with the positive outcomes you want to attract into your life. Remember to focus on the feeling that these words evoke, and to use them in a way that feels natural and authentic to you.

In the law of attraction words to use list above we have tried to make the words and phrases positive, uplifting, and use ones that make you feel good. Using Law of Attraction words and phrases in your daily life can help you stay focused on the outcomes you desire and attract them more easily.

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