Radionics Machine for Sale Genie 3000 Pro Orgone Generator

Radionics Machine for Sale Genie 3000 Pro Orgone Generator

The new 2022 Genie 3000 Pro radionics machine for sale is, in our opinion one of the most powerful manifestation radionics machines available in its class to date, in terms of value and features.


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Genie 3000 Pro 2022


The Genie 3000 Pro outshines many popular radionics devices over twice its value in features, performance, and power, you simply can’t beat it.


Always Cutting Edge Performance 

Radionics Machines For Sale With Powerful Genie Orgone Generators


The Genie 3000 Pro 2022 should be at least twice its current price, but we believe radionics should be available to everyone so we have kept the same discounted price, despite inflation, and we will continue to do so for as long as possible.

With twice as many rate dials as many more expensive machines, the 3000 Pro is twice as accurate and capable of longer rate input from any base 10 Rate book (2 included Free). 

The above vastly extends the functionality and capability of this machine, and also allows the user to create much higher-quality homeopathic remedies.

Another added bonus of the greater accuracy is that it maximizes accuracy on your goals when manifesting.


The Genie 3000 Pro Features:

    • High Output Genie Orgone Engine, over three times the power output of previous versions.
    • General Vitality testing.
    • Broadcast Transmitter.
    • BNC Antenna Socket.
    • Grounding Socket
    • Improved internal architecture.
    • Base 10 rate setting.
    • 6 Rate Dials
    • New stick pad for even better stick response.
    • Audio Input 3.5mm socket for any Mp3 player, PC, Cd or tape player, etc.
    • Variable 0.5hz to 1.4khz frequency.
    • LED Frequency indicator.
    • Solid brass polished Witness and Trend plate.
    • Input and Output Expansion sockets.
    • Higher Orgone output for faster water & food charging.
    • Powered by any USB wall adapter, PC, Laptop, or USB power bank.
    • USB power cable included.
    • Includes Radionic Software products for Windows.


You can even use the 3000 Pro Radionics Machine for Sale to improve the health and vitality of your garden, crops, livestock & pets.

Buy Now Only $475

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Includes Free Shipping, Free Radionics Software & Lifetime Guarantee


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Homeopathic medicine maker & duplicator.



Lifetime Guarantee: We will repair or replace your radionics machine free of charge. The only thing you are responsible for all shipping costs both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement.

Please make sure your machine is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box.

We will not be held responsible for damages due to inadequate packaging. Please don’t forget to include your name, address, email & telephone number.



Disclaimer: These are not medical devices and are for experimentation only, absolutely no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill, unwell, or need medical attention please see a doctor or healthcare professional. No claims regarding making money or wealth creation are guaranteed as every user’s result will be different.






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