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Radionics Software Unleashes The Ancient Powers Of Witchcraft With CyberWitch SpellCaster 2.0

Radionics software unveils a new dimension in Witchcraft, now anyone can use these ancient powers to manifest there deepest desires. Until now, you would have had to have spend years learning your craft to be able to cast powerful spells, but with our easy to use radionics software you can be spell casting, successfully in a matter of minutes. Imagine being able to cast powerful spells at work, whilst commuting, or on holiday, In fact anywhere you can take a laptop computer. Your life may never be quite the same..
radionics software

Main Features:

  • R.I.N (Radionics Index Number) setting for all 5 positions.
  • Cast Invoking or Banishing Spells.
  • Orgone generating device integration.
  • 16 Specific  Manifestation Audio Tones.
  • Mp3 &  frequency mixing.
  • Spell Countdown Timer with auto finish & auto close.
  • Easy to use single page interface
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 or 98 operating system

 Make your spells become reality in just a few days, hours or even minutes..!

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Radionic Manifestor

Radionics Software
Radionic Manifestor radionic software might be low priced but It has all the features you need in a piece of radionic software, and It is perfect for people on a budget, or who are just getting started. The low price of Radionic Manifestor 2.0 enables everyone to finally harness the magic of manifesting, with the power of radionics.Main Features: radionic manifestor software program
  • R.I.N (Radionics Index Number) for Witness and Trend Images
  • 528hz Audio Tone To give extra power to your radionics.
  • Interactive Witness and Trend Rates setting
  • The traditional 2 Specimen Positions – For images (Photo of person or animal etc & Picture of desired outcome)
  • Witness Name & Trend Text Entry
  • Clear and simple single page interface.
  • Our unique visual energetic way of bringing the target & desired outcome together in union.

Start Making Your Dreams Come True Today For Only

$27 radionic manifestor software program

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I downloaded the Mini Manifestor earlier today and I am very positively impressed by it. In its simplicity of conception and appearance, it is the “clearest” radionic application that I have seen up to now. It offers a crystal clear visual representation of the principle of bringing the target and the desired outcome together in an energetically empowered “union”. In this sense, it can serve as a good introduction to the “radionic way of thinking and acting”, which is applied to many, more sophisticated, physical or virtual “instruments”. Having seen the Mini Manifestor, I am eagerly waiting for the next levels of software that are coming!”


Mr Rodiani




Radionics software and our observations of the law of attraction. Most people have heard of the law of attraction or seen The Secret movie, a lot of you have probably tried it, and let me guess it didn’t work for you. In fact a massive 95% of people didn’t have any success with it at all.

I have studied the law of attraction for quite some time, and been lucky enough to witness someone actually make around £3,000,000 at last count, it didn’t happen over night, it actually took over 10 years. He started long before the secret movie came out, and the funny thing was he didn’t even know about or realise he was using the law of attraction. He is a very down to earth bloke and not into this sort of stuff at all, a couple of years ago we were talking, and I mentioned the law of attraction to him. I really wish I hadn’t, his reaction was “so your telling me just by thinking, money will appear in my bank account!”. Knowing I wouldn’t get much further, I changed the subject and that was that. Even though he was using it every day he was totally oblivious to it. Don’t get me wrong he works hard, really hard, and yes before you say it, so do countless other people, and a lot of them are struggling to even pay there rent. You see, that’s the thing, your thoughts are just as important as the amount of work you do, if not more so. They are both sides of the same coin, when I first met the gentleman mentioned above, I thought he was absolutely bonkers doing the things he did. Over ten years later, and knowing what I know now, all those things have slotted together like some crazy jigsaw puzzle, and I can now see why he was doing the things he did. So when someone next sneers at you “That law of attraction rubbish is a con, and a complete waist of time“, just remember what you have read here today, and take a moment to have a long hard look at how your life has panned out. Has it gone to plan?

Just think how much sooner he could have become a millionaire if he had used radionics software

radionics software where dreams become reality

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