Free Radionics Software Download Mini Manifestor v4.2 Free

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Free Radionic Software Download 

Coming Very Soon… Mini Manifestor Pro

Mini Manifestor Pro Radionics Software
A Few Its Features: New Virtual Stick Pad. Save & Load Sessions. Manual & Auto Rate Entry. Load Mp3 & Wav Audio Files. Orgonite & Radionics Machine Link. 528hz Frequency.

MM 4.2 is our Free radionics software download and yes it really does work! Yes, It’s still free so you can start to get the life you’ve always wanted no matter what your income is.

Best of all it’s just got even better! It still has all the features you need in a piece of radionic software that will get you started, and It’s perfect for people wanting to get into this fascinating and rewarding field, its also simple enough for anyone to use. With MM 4.2 Free edition or the more powerful paid version 4.3 Full edition everyone will finally be able to experience the fun and excitement of manifesting, with the power of radionics.

 MM 4.2  FREE Version
MM 4.2 Free radionics software download
  • Rate generation for both Witness and Trend Images.
  • 528hz Frequency for faster manifestation.
  • Interactive Witness and Trend Rates setting
  • The traditional 2 Specimen Witness & Trend Positions – For images (Photo of person & Picture of the desired outcome)
  • Clear and simple single-page interface.
  • Our unique visual energetic way of bringing the target & desired outcome together in union.
  • Windows PC only (All Versions)


To get MiniManifestor-4.2



MiniManifestor 4.3 FULL Version

Mini Manifestor Free Radionics Software Full Version
MM 4.3  Full Version
  • Witness & Trend Name/Description entry.
  • 2x More room to type your wish than previous versions.
  • Higher output.
  • Rate generation for both Witness and Trend Images
  • 528hz Frequency for faster manifestation.
  • Interactive Witness and Trend Rates setting
  • The traditional 2 Specimen Witness & Trend Positions – For images (Photo of person & Picture of the desired outcome)
  • Independent Witness & Trend Color setting
  • Larger Name/Wish description boxes
  • Clear and simple single-page interface.
  • Our unique visual energetic way of bringing the target & desired outcome together in union.
  • Unlimited customer support.
  • Windows PC only (All Versions)

No Pop-Ups +More Features +More Power!!!

Only $24.99


Instant Download

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The Free Edition Getting Started Guide


Free Radionic Software

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Getting Started With Mini Manifestor Free radionics software download

Witness Side:

1: Witness Name: Enter your name or the name of the person you are doing
the session for. (Full Version Only)

2: Load Witness: Find a picture of yourself or the person you are doing the
session for, to load as the Witness Image.

3: To Set the Witness Rate: Position the mouse over the Target picture, and
press the mouse button down. While holding the mouse button down, sit
quietly for a few moments, and get a clear image of yourself, in your mind’s
eye. Then when you feel you can’t get the image any clearer, release the
mouse button. Your Target rate is now set.

4: Witness Description:  Optional  Enter a short description (Full version Only)

5: Witness Color: Select the corresponding color for the witness.
Correspondences can be found in the list below.

Trend Side:

1: Trend Name: Enter briefly what you want to happen. (Full Version Only)

2: Trend Description: Enter a short description of your intent/remedy name or what you want to manifest. (Full Version Only)

3: Load Trend: Find a picture that will represent your remedy / what you want to manifest or
your intent.

4: To Set the Trend Rate: Position the mouse over Trend picture, and
press the mouse button down. While holding the mouse button down, sit
quietly for a few moments, and get a clear image of your wish being fulfilled, in your mind’s eye. Then when you feel you can’t get the image any clearer, release the
mouse button. Your Trend rate is now set.

5: Trend Color: Select the corresponding color for the trend.Correspondences
can be found in the list below.

Frequency: (Optional) Click Tone On/Off to boost radionic output.

Start: Press the “Start” button to begin your session.

Important Tips:
Tip 1: The keys to a powerful and successful radionics is to have a crystal
clear intent (what you want to happen), but don’t just think “I want XYZ to
happen” you really need to have a clear picture in your mind’s eye, and have
the emotional feeling in your heart, as if it already happened.
Tip 2: Do not use words of negating in your manifesting sessions, and do not
express the lack of something you a trying to manifest.

Getting your Ex Back Tips:

Put your picture of your ex in the witness part, then find a photo of you both together (happy and in love) and put that in the trend.
Could take this a step farther by writing your intent on the images in a paint program (if you only have them on your computer) or if you have printed copies ether write on the photo or use a piece of paper and re-photograph the paper and photo together with a digital camera, phone or scanner, then load them back in the software.
I would run the software for at least an hour a day until it happens, and never give up or doubt its working.
Love and relationships are very complicated you are dealing with physical, emotional & will issues and very often 3rd parties giving negative advice. These are all things that may need to be worked around, so if it’s not working one way don’t give up, you may find you need the software running multiple times at once to cover everything (eg: one quieting negative influences – one attracting him back, etc.).
Another thing that helps is wording things as if he’s saying them to himself eg “I miss xxxxxxx and I want her back“, this tends to get around his subconscious objections to what you want him to do.
free radionics software mini manifestor 4
Old Mini Manifestor 4 Free radionics software download


Coming soon… Mini Manifestor Pro

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89 thoughts on “Free Radionics Software Download Mini Manifestor v4.2 Free”

  1. Good afternoon. thanks for the offer. do you have any testimonials that go with this. looking forward to manifesting a better life. if things go well will send you a monitary gift. Thanks. Ann

  2. I would like to have mini manifester 3 but I have already subscribed
    for mini manifester one about 6 months ago I also have purchased cyberwitch, radionic manifestor, and radionic manifestor pro.
    Is there anyway I can get mini manifester 3 also will you be putting out any new software soon. Thankyou

  3. Hi Kenneth
    Just enter your first name and email address again and you will be sent the link.
    Yes there will be a New piece of software out very soon, I am also working with someone quite famous in the world of radionics to produce a signature edition too…
    Kindest regards

  4. I Too,Will Give A Big Gift If Incredible Wealth Flows My Way!!!
    May Kieron Be Prosperous.

  5. I am using mini manifestor 3 and would like to upgrade to mini manifestor 4 but am unable to as when I fill my details in and submit them I get an error response. Please advise. Regards Lada

  6. Thank you, If you need any help just post or email me.
    Kindest regards

  7. Hi, Kieron,
    I am using your Mini Manifestor 4.2 to arouse more passion for me in my girls heart.I run it whole night everyday, while the program is running I change my windows user so that the radionic software is not visible to anyone while it’s running. Is this procedure ok? Or will I have to keep the software visible in the screen?

  8. Hello Sayed
    It would be more effective to keep the software visible on the screen, but this is not always practical so just try to make it visible as often as you can when nobody is around.
    Kindest regards

  9. Hello Kieron,

    I was going over the MM4-Getting-Started.pdf and It says for the witness section:
    “Enter your name or the name of the person your are doing
    the session for.”

    If I am attempting to have someone forgive me for example, do I put my picture as the witness image and the other person as the trend?

    I know I have the .pdf but the method still puzzle’s me a bit, how does it work exactly?

  10. Hello Madison

    You are correct thats exactly how to do it 🙂

    Kindest regards

  11. hello will this this version work on iPads or mobile devises or is it laptops running on windows Xp vista etc

  12. Sorry just Pc’s & laptops running on windows Xp vista 7 etc


  13. I hate seeing you go. Is it forever? I love your radionic program. Although I own the supermanifestion, tele hypnosis, cybershaman…and a few othe ones. But yours is very user friendly. And I do get results.

  14. Update:Money Is Flowing My Way,Get Ready,Lots Will Flow Your Way.This Is working!!!

  15. Thank you for the update Edwin, it is always good to hear about peoples success 🙂
    Kindest regards

  16. How do I recover the preloaded trends? i seem to have lost them when I used images from my computer.

    Also, is it OK to plug a chi generator into the microphone jack while running the software?

  17. Hi Michael
    I expect you have inadvertently moved (backed up & deleted?) all or some of the images and the software cannot find them, if you restored the images to there previous locations your saved trends will work again.

    Plug your Chi Generator into the HEADPHONE SOCKET and it will work a treat 🙂 all of our radionics software is designed to work with any brand of chi generator.

    Kindest regards

  18. I’m not sure why everyone is so shocked about this…. great job either way!

  19. Hi,
    I have great expirence with Radionic softwares. I used enchantrex before and worked well. But the problem that I installed it on one laptop and then when my laptop stopped working I lost the EXE file and could not use it again. If I purchase your soft will it let me sync my devices? another word can I install it on my laptop and my desktop? Thanks

  20. Is it ok if I only write the name of the witness and use no photo ?


  21. can I use the image of dollars event if i need euros for trend ?

  22. on witness i load my picture and i write my full name, and as i like the blue color i select blue

    on trend i load the picture with many dollar bills and i write “win a lot of money” but i let the default color

    then i click start

    is that ok ?
    (i see 3 “0” in blue and 3 other “0”, what’s that ?)


  23. ok i think i have understood,
    we have to choose:
    one pic for witness and one for trend
    one color for witness (i choose blue) and one for trend (i choose green)
    we must click on the pic of the witness for any amount of time and this will produce three numbers
    the same for the trend part
    we must write the name of the witness and the sentence for the trend (such as “win a lot of money”)
    then it’s ok and we can click on the start button

    is all that ok ?

  24. It seems that some of my messages have been deleted but maybe I posted too many.
    It seems that this soft is working for me. I let it run all day with my picture are witness, and a picture of euro bills with a gold bar, and I went outside (while letting it run, I don’t know if this is ok) and I bought a scratch game for 5€ and won 20€ then I bought another one and won 10€ and bought another one and lost. Then I played for 15€ and won 30€ that’s cool 🙂
    The intent I wrote was “Win at games”. I wonder if I could write something more efficient to win more ?

  25. sir i subscribe for free minni radionic software i got email but couldnot get link for download software,so guide me

  26. I would like to know if this actually works? I would like to return my boyfriend back to me quickly

  27. Thank you so much for this free software!! I will also be buying your full software package in the near future.

    Many Blessing to you!

  28. saya akan mencoba versi gratis, menarik kekayaan dan kesejahteraan bagi kita

  29. Can i let the software run 24/7?
    Can i use my pc while the software is running?

  30. Yes running 24/7 is fine and yes you can still use your PC while your using it 🙂

  31. Hi, can you send me please the link of Mini Manifestor 4.2 FREE Edition

  32. Dear kieron sir,
    My name is mathew. I am from India. sir i am looking for a marriage. I want to get a lady of my expectations. So sir is radionics software will help for this matter. Please send the details to me sir

  33. Greetings.

    How should the wish be written?

    Should it be “I want to be an excellent lucid dreamer” or “I am an excellent lucid dreamer” or “You are an excellent lucid dreamer” or “Become an excellent lucid dreamer”?

  34. Looks Awesome. I can’t wait to try it out. I have a few ideas that I would like to start with.

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