Radionics Software Mini Manifestor 2.0

Radionics Software Mini Manifestor 2.0

Mini By Name Not By Nature!

“Back by popular demand”

Mini Manifestor 2.0 might be low priced but It has all the features you need in a piece of radionics software, and It is perfect for people on a budget, or who are just getting started. The low price of this software enables everyone to finally harness the magic of manifesting, with the power of radionics.

NEW Radionics Software Mini Manifestor 2.0

Main Features:

  • R.I.N (Radionics Index Number) for Witness and Trend Images
  • 528hz Frequency to give extra power to your radionics.
  • Interactive Witness and Trend Rates setting
  • The traditional 2 Specimen Positions – For images (Photo of a person or animal etc & Picture of the desired outcome)
  • Witness Name & Trend Text Entry
  • Clear and simple single page interface.
  • Our unique visual energetic way of bringing the target & desired outcome together in union.


 Start Making Your Dreams Come True Today For Only

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Quick video on how to use Mini Manifestor 2.0 Radionics Software

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