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Radionics & The Quantum Holographic Universe

Radionics & The Quantum Holographic Universe

Holographic Universe & The Matrix
The Matrix: Max Planck, 1858 – 1947

Radionics & The Matrix. For years scientists have known every particle in the universe is linked to every other by a field. Professor Steven hawking called this field “The mind of God”, the physicist Max Planck called it “The matrix” others just call it “The field”.

A model of this field has been extrapolated from data gathered by the Chandra X-ray space telescope, and it shows that all the planets and matter in the universe are connected by tendrils of energy, dark matter, Orgone call it what you will. But it starts to get really interesting when you compare the image of the field with an image of the brains neurons, dendrites and axons (tree-like structures) they look uncannily similar.

This information may be new to us, but it was known to our ancient ancestors thousands of years ago and was referred to by some as the web of creation, and now we can see why the tendrils of energy would have looked more like a spiders web to the ancients as they were more likely to compare it with something in nature. Every ancient civilisation had a creation belief and most of them explained it as some sort of web.

Holographic Universe
Holographic Universe

If you were to get a real hologram of say a tree, and you were then to cut a small square of it off and look at it under a magnifying glass, you would still see a complete picture of the tree. You could keep cutting you’re square smaller and smaller but you will always see the whole tree. This is, in essence, the holographic nature of the universe, you can find the universe in everyone and everything if you look close enough.

So what has the holographic universe to do with radionics?

In the tendrils of energy all around us, throughout the universe, linking every particle to every particle, there are particles called “ghost forms” (no not the spooky kind) these ghost forms are produced deep inside other particles. They are called ghost forms because they momentarily blink particles of matter in and out of existence. These particles could be gold, flesh, wood absolutely anything, but it has been found that if you feed these particles with energy, they stay in manifestation longer.

With radionics, we are targeting and feeding billions of these particles at once, in the aim of helping to bring our will into manifestation. This is by far not all there is to manifestation, but an essential aspect none the less.

radionics manifestor pro radionics softwareHolographic Universe & The Matrix

Radionic Machines & Radionics Software How Do They Work

Radionic Machines & Radionics Software How Do They Work?

Radionics Machines For Sale With Powerful Genie Orgone Generators

Radionic Machines have been around since the early 1900s but they’re still being used today. Discover why Radionic Machines are so effective!

Orgone Energy?
Modern Radionic Machines use orgone energy to boost and accelerate the treatment of patients. They were originally developed in Germany during the 1800s by Wilhelm Reich as orgone accumulator healing boxes, they had become popular for treating many illnesses following with high success rates.

the German doctor found that disease was caused by an imbalance between body energies.

What Is Radionics?
Radionic Machines work by using radio waves to transmit energy into the patient’s body. This energy then travels through the body and interacts with various parts of the body, such as organs, glands, bones, muscles, and nerves. These interactions cause changes in the patient’s body.

Why Do People Still Use Radionic Machines Today?
They are still popular because they offer an alternative to more invasive treatments. They also provide a noninvasive treatment option for people who prefer not to use drugs or surgery.

How Can You Use Radionics To Help Yourself?
They work by using energy fields to treat illnesses. These energy fields are called “radions.” A radion is a type of electromagnetic wave that has a frequency between 300 Hz and 3 MHz. This frequency range is known as the “electromagnetic spectrum” and is found throughout nature.

How Do Radionic Machines Work?
Radionic Machines use the principle of resonance. Resonance occurs when two or more frequencies vibrate together at the same rate. In other words, when two waves with different frequencies come into contact with each other, they will start to resonate.

How Much Will A Radionics Machine Cost?
A good one is around $1000 but can cost anywhere between $300-$2,000.


The Power of Manifestation Using Radionics Software

Matrix Manifestor Radionics Software
Coming Soon…

Discover how to use Radionic software to create a life of abundance and prosperity. You’ll also learn about the power of the Law of Attraction and how to harness its energy to achieve success!

The Law of Attraction states that whatever we focus on will come into our lives. This includes everything from money to love to happiness. Professional manifestors spend years learning and honing their abilities. However, with the modern computer comes an innovative shortcut to spending weeks learning all this Radionic software to manifest wealth in my life.

Create an Abundant Life with Radionic Software.
Radionics software has been used by thousands of people worldwide to attract more money, love, and happiness into their lives. It’s easy to use and can work almost instantly. Just download the free version of Mini Manifestor and start creating your own reality today.

Understand the Power of the Law of Attractions.
The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we think about. If you focus on positive thoughts, you will attract positive things into your life. Conversely, negative thoughts lead to negative results. This law explains why some people seem to have an easier time getting what they want than others.

Learn how to manifest wealth using Radionic software.
Radionic software uses the Law of Attraction to help you manifest wealth by creating a clear vision of what you desire. It helps you visualize your goals and then creates a plan to make them happen. Once you’ve set your goal, Radionic software will guide you through each step of the process.

Find out how to attract love using Radionic software.
Radionic software works with the Law of Attraction, which states that we attract into our lives whatever we think about. If you’re thinking about money, you’ll attract more money into your life. If you’re thinking positive thoughts, you’ll attract more good things into your life. And if you’re thinking negative thoughts, you’ll attract less money, less happiness, and less success.

Learn how to manifest health using Radionic software.
Radionic software helps you to tap into the power of the Law Of Attraction by allowing you to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want. It’s easy to use and will help you to manifest wealth, love, and happiness into your life.




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