Radionics software Warning before you buy

Warning before you buy any Radionics software

Warning before you buy any Radionics software, all software is not created equal! I have spent the day testing different products, and was pleasantly surprised at some, and very alarmed at the lack of quality of others.

Before you buy tips:

1: If you cant find a screen shot of the software in action, don’t buy.

2: If you cant find a video about it on the sellers site, or on YouTube don’t buy.

3: Do not rely on testimonials on any sellers site, video type or written as these can be easily falsified by friends and relatives.

I found one site that had glowing video and written testimonials on, it sounded a really good bit of radionics software, when I installed it, it was like being back in the 80s and the days of MS-DOS, it was horrendous, and that had a $27 price tag.

I am not, and will not name any company’s or sellers as it would be unethical of me to do so, and I like to sleep at night with a clear conscience. So please don’t ask me too.

So to conclude decide on your price bracket, and do your homework before you buy.

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CyberWitch Spellcaster is bug free with New v2.6.2

CyberWitch Spellcaster is bug free with New v2.6.2

cyberwitch spellcaster radionics softwareUPDATE: As of 15th Sept Cyberwitch v2.6.2 is bug free 🙂 thank you to every one who has helped us get this far.

We were recently informed of several bugs that have developed in CyberWitch Spellcaster 2.5 due to certain windows updates.

The problems reported were:

1: MP3’s not loading

2: Saves not saving properly

3: Rocket not displaying

We have now fixed all these problems in the New Updated Version CyberWitch SpellCaster 2.6

And thank you Patrick L and Patrick R for reporting these bugs 🙂

And thank you to all our other customers for your support and comments from Radionic Software.

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