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Psychotronic Radionics Machine Genie 9000 HD Pro Homeopathic Remedy Maker

Genie 9000 HD PRO Radionics Machine

Radionics Machine The Genie 9000 HD Pro  Powerful 9 Dial Base 10 Orgone Generator Scalar Radionic Machine & Homeopathic Remedy Maker/Copier     While the world is enduring lockdowns we are offering the Genie 9000 at OVER $200 OFF!!!  GET IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN Update 18/4/21:  We Can’t Keep This Offer Going Much Longer! […]

How to Generate Chi Energy

Radionics Machine

How to Generate Chi Energy No doubt you will have read a how to generate chi energy article somewhere on the internet, that tells you that you can use a radionics machine with a built in generator of Chi or Orgone in it to do this, and while this does work, and can be very […]