How to Generate Chi Energy

How to Generate Chi Energy

No doubt you will have read a how to generate chi energy article somewhere on the internet, that tells you that you can use a radionics machine with a built in generator of Chi or Orgone in it to do this, and while this does work, and can be very beneficial in many areas.

Chakras Chi energyWhat do you do when you haven’t got a machine?

Well what a lot of retailers of the radionics machines wont tell you is, there is a another way to generate chi and it wont cost you a penny, and here’s the big bonus, you will feel and really be more powerful than ever before, it will also have a positive effect on your body’s health and vitality.

It almost sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well people have been practicing these skills for thousands of years, and they are very real.

Over the last 3 or 4 decades with the advent of the movie and computer game industry, these skills have been depicted in such a way, as to make them totally unbelievable by the general public, and just a thing of fantasy and myth.

A good example, If you are old enough to remember an old game that came out on the Amiga computer and some early consoles, called Super Street Fighter. One of the characters in the game, could shoot blue and white energy balls from his hands.

In the UK TV series “Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves” it showed real living people using and projecting chi energy to do some truly amazing feats. One gentleman could project his chi with such force across a large room to hit a large bronze bell and make it ring. You really need to see it to believe it, truly amazing.

Is there still a need for a Chi/Orgone generating radionics machine?Genie chi energy radionics machines

Quite simply Yes as the majority of people are too busy in the modern working and family environment to be able put in the time needed to perfect the skills above.

Even if you are learning the art of Chi one of our Genie machines is a great way to get started in powered radionics until you are proficient at generating and directing chi for longer periods.

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If you want real proof of how to generate chi energy then watch below “Mind Body & Kick Ass Moves”.

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Can I Use My Chi With An Energy Transfer Card ?

Yes, instead of the set and forget method as seems to be used with the electronic chi machines. You will be consciously projecting your chi into your transfer card and thinking of your intended goal whilst doing so.


Some Videos Showing How To Generate Chi Energy

And no it wasnt the air from his flappy slieve… look below

Try it yourself…

Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro Orgone Radionic Machine

The Genie 9000 Pro Orgone Generator

Psychotronic & Homeopathic Remedy Maker/Copier

radionic machine manifesting machine 9000 pro homeopathic remedy maker
Genie 9000 Pro a powerful scalar psychotronic device.

The Radionic Machine manifesting machine 9000 pro is a powerful professional manifesting machine Ideal for all types of manifesting, remedy making, and duplication of existing or homemade herbal or homoeopathic remedies.

The Genie 9000 HD Pro also utilizes our advanced Super Heavy Duty High Output Genie Scalar Orgone generator.

The latest Genie 9000 HD Pro has many new features, the first of which is the Spooky2 Rife Frequency Input.

Finally, Manifest All You Desire In Life!

WAS $997

Includes Free Shipping To Any Country World Wide, Free Lifetime Warranty & Free Radionics Software Package

Spooky2 Rife Compatible

The rife input allows you to remotely treat someone with a rife frequency. Simply plug in the output of your Spooky2 or function generator directly into the RCA socket on the back of your Genie 9000 HD Pro.

This enables the Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro to act like a Spooky Remote via the Witness Plate, but much more powerfully, allowing for much faster treatment times.

Radionic Machine Homeopathic Remedy Duplication

The next main feature is the Timed Remedy Duplication function.

Remedy duplication will imprint the energy of the item on the trend plate to the item on the witness plate or from an already made remedy to some sugar tablets or alcohol solution.

When the green button is pressed a green light will illuminate to let you know the duplication is in progress.

When the duplication has completed the light will go out and you will hear an audible beep to let you know your remedy has been successfully duplicated.

The third main feature is the Vitality Analyzer, which can be used to see if a vitamin or food will be good or bad for you, It can give you an indication of your current vitality level.

Make homoeopathic remedies and traditional remedies

Having 9 Rate dials enables the Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro very high accuracy in generating rates and also facilitates using rates from existing base 10 rate books (2 included) to make homoeopathic and traditional remedies.

Psychotronic Devices Broadcasting

Psychotronic Broadcasting Transmission is via the built-in Transmitter / Antenna and the witness/output plate.

Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro Features:

  • Powerful Super Heavy Duty Chi/Orgone Generator
  • Fully compatible with all base 10 rates.
  • 9 Rate dials
  • Spooky2 / Rife Frequency Input **New Feature**
    • Replaces the Spooky Remote.
    • Higher scalar output than the Spooky Remote.
    • Reduced treatment times.
    • 20 volt Max Input.
    • RCA socket for easy connection.
  • Timed Homeopathic Remedy Duplication **New Feature**
    • Audio & visual timer notification.
  • Vitality Analyzer **New Feature**
  • Variable Frequency 0.5hz to 475hz.
  • Ideal for Agricultural Radionic.
  • New ResponseTek Stick Pad.
  • Audio input.
    • Connect to the computer for software frequencies.
    • Audio from your iPod, iPhone,mp3 player, or tablet.
  • Witness and Trend expansion sockets.
  • Psychotronic Broadcast System.
  • Antenna connector.
    • For connection to a larger indoor or outdoor antenna.
    • Telescopic Broadcast Antenna Included.
  • Solid Brass Witness & Trend Plates.
  • Remedy duplication.
    • Duplicate homeopathic remedies
    • Water & food charging. **New Feature**
    • Make living water.
    • Charge your food with life force energy.
  • 9v Battery and 9v 500ma mains adapter compatible.
  • Manual & Radionic Software Included
Included Radionics Software Bundle

Radionic Manifestor Pro3, Cyberwitch Spellcaster & Radionic Manifestor Companion

The Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro comes with a full suite of dedicated Radionic software written by us for our manifesting machines.

All the included software products can be linked via a structural link technology to your Genie 9000 Pro.

As a result, you can perform powered Radionic sessions on your computer from anywhere in the world, even if your Genie is thousands of miles away.

Free Lifetime Guarantee:

We pride ourselves on our build quality, in fact, we are so confident in the quality of our machines, every machine has a Free Lifetime Guarantee & email support for as long as you own itSimply put, If it ever breaks down send it back and we will repair or replace it free of charge.

Finally, Manifest All You Desire In Life!

WAS $997

Includes Free Shipping To Any Country World Wide, Free Lifetime Warranty & Free Radionics Software Package






law of attraction manifesting


radionics machine genie 3000 pro









Warranty: We will repair or replace your manifesting machine free of charge, but you the customer are responsible for all shipping costs both ways when returning a machine for repair or replacement.

Please make sure your machine is adequately wrapped in bubble wrap and in a sturdy box, as we will not be responsible for damages due to inadequate packaging. Also please include your name, address, and email.


Disclaimer: This radionics machine is not a medical device, and no claims are made otherwise. If you are ill or need medical attention please see a doctor or healthcare professional.

Manifesting Machine 9000 Pro

Refund policy

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Powering Radionics Software With Orgonite

Home made Orgonite cone with amethyst tip
Home made Orgonite cone.

Powering Radionics Software With Orgonite

We discovered in group that even a picture of orgonite will power radionic software. image to power radionic software any picture of orgonite will do it the energy signature of the object or any image that you feel will fuel the program a reiki symbol  or a car jet plane it the driving force of desire say want improve a communication  try a phone or a satellite picture to power it.  The only limit is your imagination.

by Steven Beichner

Thanks Steven this is great news for those who don’t have a chi generator yet, but would still like to get faster results from there software.

The home made cone in the picture above was made in an old plastic funnel with brass and steel shavings from a lathe, containing quartz points with an amethyst tip.


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