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Homeopathic Radionics Software With Radionic Sequencer

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Homeopathic Radionics Software With Radionic Sequencer

Genie Radionics Suite

Genie Radionics Screen best radionics software

The New Genie Radionics Suite comprises of two applications in one, firstly you have Genie Radionics. This is where the bulk of the work is done and is ideal for general radionic use, manifesting, remedies, balancing, etc.

This is also where the radionic sessions are created for use in the second part of the software The Genie Radionic Sequencer.

Genie Radionic Sequencer
Genie Radionic Sequencer screen

When you have saved a few radionic sessions in Genie radionics you can load up to five sessions into the genie sequencer.

Both the Genie Radionic and the Sequencer parts of the software use our SLink Orgone transfer technology and are fully compatible to be used with any brand of Orgone Generator or Orgone accumulator, like an orgonite pyramid or other shape made from orgonite.

radionics software covid19 best radionics software

The Covid19 trend image set is only available with the best Radionics Software.

You can also treat multiple patients with a single treatment with Genie radionic sequencer.

This way of administering to multiple patients a remedy as you would in the case of an outbreak or pandemic, making it arguably the best radionic software available today.

best radionics software features

The Genie Radionic Sequencer is ideal for manifesting work and also just as effective for use in providing homeopathic treatments at a distance.

It is also one of the best options for use in therapy centers and clinics of all kinds. This makes it perfect for the effective low-cost treatment of family and friends.

 Customer Testimonials: 

 Hi, I bought the GENIE SUITE a few months ago and I want everyone to know that this is the best software you can get. Go ahead and purchase it, you will be amazed. The way it works is that it allows you to create a thought pattern and then it slowly reprograms your subconscious mind.

Then, adding an energy field to the thought is the key to success. Kudos to Kieron, this is a great software. I did try to the Manifestor before and still use it from time to time but the GENIE SUITE is the one you want to get if you are serious about shifting your reality. I have excellent results.

Kieron, thank you! Let us know when you plan on developing new software, I’ll buy it with no hesitation.



 Some weeks ago I purchased the Genie Radionic Suite and I´d like to offer you some feedback. Genie is a wonderful extension for my radionic set-up. I´m using my own custom-built devices in combination with the classic Cybershaman 7 & 8.

The Genie Suite is an excellent addition to this and depending on the situation, I already prefer using Genie instead of Cybershaman. Especially if there´s balancing to do. But both applications also do marvelous work when used in combination.



 I have bought 2-3 different manifestation software some well-known very expensive ones and others not so much! I have to say I LOVE YOUR SOFTWARE… For the following reason its rock solid! I have open 6 running simultaneously Radionics Manifestor Pro 3 on the same computer for about 7 days and it has not caused my laptop to crash and so I am in aww of your programming skills and the fact that you actually sell a solid program!

 Now that being said! In the future are new options like time or more trend options going to be available? Or run two sessions on the same program start and finish at different times throughout the day automatically? I really hope this program expands you have a client for life as long as you keep selling such solid programs! oh… Thank YOu!



The Genie Radionics Software Section

    • Genie Radionic Software app is our latest cutting-edge rad software that Includes our NEW Automatic Wish to Rate Conversion that gives you a repeatable rate result every time.
    • The software can be linked to any orgone generator, radionics box or custom-made device via an S-Link transfer image.
    • Enter rates from any base 10 rate book directly or use the automatic rate generator available for each trend individually.
    • Animate the background with the trend images in your current session.
    • Enter trend-specific modifiers individually.
    • Load MP3 files and mix them with the selected frequency in real time.
    • Save and load sessions for repeated use.
    • Built-in screen capture allows for the arrangement to be saved as an image or printed
    • Includes 2 extensive radionic rate books (pictured below).
      orgone generator rates book 1 and 2

The Genie Radionics Sequencer Section

Genie radionic sequencer is for sequencing multiple manifesting sessions into a manifesting list.

Each session in the manifesting list will run for a user-specified time, this time can be anything from 1 minute to 6 days. If each session was set to 6 days, it would take 30 days to complete 1 full manifesting cycle.

orgone generator radionics sequencer

Start Manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of Today!

Immediate download after purchase.

You will receive your personal Serial number within 12 hours.

(Usually within the hour)

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Other Radionic Software Options
The Best Radionics Software With The Best Radionics Machines 


Get our Genie 3000 Pro Radionics Machine with Free radionic software included.

Genie 3000 Pro Features:

    • Powerful Genie Orgone Generator.
    • 6 Base 10 Rate dials.
    • Mp3 Audio in.
    • Spooky2 Compatible.
    • Make charged living water.
best radionics machine genie 3000 pro
Genie 3000 Pro Orgone Generator Radionics Machine

Only £475

Includes Free Software, Worldwide Shipping & Free Lifetime Warranty


Radionics Manifesor Pro 3 The best radionics software 

Radionic Software Radionic Manifestor Pro

ONLY $47

    • 5 Positions
    • One-click Balance Rate.
    • Orgone transfer function.
    • Compatible with all Orgone Generators.
    • Rate setting for each Trend.
    • Session Timer.
    • AutoClose.
    • 6 Manifestation Audio Frequencies.
    • Frequency & MP3 mixing.


CyberWitch SpellCaster

radionics software cyberwitch spellcaster

ONLY $47


    • Never Pay for a spell caster again.
    • Cast Powerful Spells.
    • Envoke and Banish.
    • Effective Spell Casting.
    • Attract money.
    • Influence any outcome.
    • Attract a new lover.
    • The return of your lover or soul mate.
    • Manifest the body you have always wanted.
    • Get that job.
    • Improve relationships.


Radionic Manifestor Companion

Radionics software for Manifestation radionic manifestor companion

ONLY $47


    • Auto or Manual rates.
    • Solfeggio Frequencies.
    • Save and Load Sessions.
    • 16 Frequency tones.
    • Play Mp3 audio files.
    • Interactive Witness and Trend Rate generation.
    • 2 Specimen Positions, Trend & Witness.
    • Witness Name, Witness description & Trend description entry.



Radionic Software brings to you the latest and the best radionics software at the best prices.

Best radionics machine for use with Genie Radionics Suite
Genie 3000 Pro Best radionics machine for use with Genie Radionics Suite


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