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Radionic Software Radionics Manifestor Pro 3

Radionic Software Brings You The Most Powerful Version of Radionics Manifestor Pro 3 Yet!

And its still just as easy to use

radionic software Radionics Manifestor Pro 3

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Radionic software has just released the latest version of Radionics Manifestor Pro 3, the latest 5 position radionic software is now more powerful than ever before, with even higher radionic emanation output.

It has built in Chi energy transferal technology, that has been specifically designed to be fully compatible with any brand of chi generating radionics machine to make your radionics manifestation even faster.

Radionics Manifestor Pro 3 radionic software can be used on any PC or laptop running any of the following operating systems: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 or 8. 

radionic software radionics manifestor pro 3

As you can see from an actual screen shot above the user interface is very user friendly, having all the main controls perminantly on screen in one convenient place allowing you to tweak your session incredibly easily. 

In times gone by you would have had to have spend years honing your mental powers, but with our easy to use radionic software Radionics Manifestor Pro 3 you can be manifesting your new life, successfully in a matter of minutes.

Imagine being able to manifest the things you really want, whilst commuting or on holiday, In fact anywhere you can take a laptop computer. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or what about if you could Influence people and everyday events in your favour.. How would that feel? 

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Imagine being able to work less hours for more money, or influence your boss to give you that pay rise or promotion..

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what this radionic software can help you to do:

  •  Attract money opportunities & wealth.

    radionic software money

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  • Find love and be with the man or woman of your dreams.
  • Attract customers & grow your business.
  • Make getting that new car a reality.
  • Get rid of unwanted people from your life.
  • Help recover from health problems.
  • Move into you dream house.
  • Help your partner achieve there goals in life.
  • Repair your marriage.
  • Get your X back.

The list is endless, there truly are no limits to what you can achieve with Radionics Manifestor Pro 3.

Software Features:

  • 5 Positions (1 witness & 4 trends)radionic software Radionics Manifestor Pro 3
  • One click Balance Rate.
  • Improved Trend & Witness Rate generation.
  • Direct Orgone transfer function.
  • Compatible with any Orgone Generating hardware for Orgone powered radionics.
  • 4 Digit Rate setting for each position.
  • Improved Save & Load Sessions.
  • Orgone Generating hardware compatibility for Orgone powered radionics.
  • Session Timer, Set how long your spell will run.
  • Auto Close (when timed session has ended).
  • Changeable background.
  • 16 Specific Manifestation Audio Frequencies.
  • Mp3 file player Mp3.
  • Frequency & MP3 mixing.
  • Session Timer, Set how long your radionic session will run. Auto Close (when session has ended).
  • Single page interface, for ease of use.
  • Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000 operating system compatibility.

Start turning your dreams & desires into reality


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    1. Hola Ruben el software funcionará por sí solo, y un montón de gente ha tenido muy buenos resultados con ella . Obveosly sería más potente cuando se vinculan a una máquina de generación de chi , pero obtendrá resultados sólo por el uso del software por sí solo.
      Máquinas Radiónica:
      Un cordial saludo

      Hello Ruben the software will work on its own, and a lot of people have had some very good results with it. Obveosly it would be more powerfull when linked to a chi generating machine, but you will get results by just using the software on its own.
      Kindest regards

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